What defines effective teaching?

An effective teacher needs to be dedicated to providing the best possible education to all of their students. A teacher needs to be willing to accommodate to differentiated instruction in order to meet all of the needs of each of their students. Teachers need to be committed and motivated in order to get through the tough times. They need to have confidence in their self efficacy. If the teacher has a positive attitude, it will help bring enthusiasm to the classroom. Like wise, a teacher with negative emotions will diminish the teacher and students motivation. All of those positive qualities help the classroom be a place the students want to be, and help them learn. To be an effective teacher you have to be able to wear many hats. You have to know more than just the subject matter in order to be a good teacher. You need to know how to teach to different learning styles, and learning disabilities. He or she needs thinking skills, goal setting, instructional planning, classroom management skills, and communication skills. All of this together will make an effective teacher.

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